Install a New Mailbox

Install a New Mailbox in 6 Simple Steps

To improve the curb appeal of your house, installing a new mailbox is an affordable and easy method. Oftentimes, whenever neighbors and guests are approaching your home, a mailbox is the first item they will see. Thus, you will have to properly install your mailbox, from installing a new post to decorating the entire mailbox. Don’t worry we got your back. Here are 6 simple steps in installing a new mailbox by yourself.

Buy a New Post and Mailbox

While several mailboxes involve more complicated hardware, almost all boxes can be attached on a 4” by 4” post. You need to ensure that whatever post you buy works with your existing box if you’re only replacing a mailbox post. Almost every basic mailbox is available in extra-large, large, and standard size. Novelty mailboxes might vary in size. Choose a mailbox style and size that best fit your house.

Make Sure your Mailbox is USPS Compliant

Measure the post height of your new mailbox. The bottom of a mailbox should be 41” up to 45” above the road, according to the requirements of USPS. The post of a mailbox must be 6” up to 8” from the curb. Call your local postmaster for instruction if your house doesn’t have a raised curb.

Get Rid of the Old Mailbox, and then Recycle It

Using a shovel, dig around the mailbox post. Dig a wide hole around the post’s base if the blade of your shovel hits concrete. To help soften the soil, pour water around and inside the hole. Wiggle the post until you can easily pull it out. If required, you can use leverage such as a car jack.

Anchor the New Mailbox Post with Concrete

To put in easily a mailbox post, here is how you do it. First, insert your new post into the hole. Be sure that the top is at the height that’s required. Brace up the post using secure supports on every side. Make sure that it’s leveled and will not shift after you pour the concrete. Get ready and pour concrete into the hole around the post. Leave several inches of space at the top of the hole.

Mount the Mailbox to the Post

It is time for you to mount your new mailbox to the post once the concrete has dried. Using mounting brackets, mount the mailbox. Be sure to follow the instructions given be the mailbox manufacturer.

Personalize your Mailbox

This is where the fun part comes in. it is up to you to choose how to personalize and design your new mailbox. However, you still have to consider the requirement of USPS. That is to label clearly the mailbox with your house number. Every number and letter should be at least 1” tall. Your complete street address is needed to be written on your mailbox if your mailbox is on a different street than your home.

And that’s it! You can easily install your new mailbox with these steps and you can finish the process in just one day!