28 Handy Hints For Removing Hard-to-remove Stuff

Are tired of that filth and grimes in every nook and corner of your house? Well, don’t worry. We are here to help you. We will show you a few of our proven ways for getting rid of dirty stuff, from permanent markers, stains, clogged drains, scratches, and more!

Gum Out of Carpet

A gum gets brittle whenever it freezes. When it is frozen, it can be broken apart easily. Thus, if you’ve got a piece of gum stuck in your carpet, you can easily freeze it. How? Well, you can simply place an ice cube-filled sandwich bag on top of the gum and let it stay there for 30 minutes. Once the gum is frozen, you can easily break it apart and pull it out of your carpet. No traces will be left behind.

Scratch-Free Glasses

If you are wearing eyeglasses, you know how irritating it is to have scratched glasses. It makes it hard for you to see. Don’t worry. We have a solution if your glasses do not have a scratch coating or antiglare on them. Put a drop of Brasso on a 100% cotton cloth. It is best if the cloth is super soft. Apply Brasso to the lenses and wait for it to completely dry. Then, you can polish the scratches out of your glasses.

Crayon Marks from Walls

If you have kids, chances are they love drawing stuff on your walls using crayons. You do not have to lose your cool if your walls have been redesigned by your children. All you need is a rag and baking soda. Simply dip the rag into some baking soda. Then, scrub gently the crayon marks. With a minimal amount of effort, the marks will come off. This will give your young artist a new wall to redecorate.

Burnt Pan

Have you accidentally burnt something while cooking? It is impossible to clean the burnt remnants, right? This is especially true for pans. Well, we have a solution for you. All you have to do is to fill the pan with hot water. Next, add a couple of dryer sheets and a bit of dish soap. Let it stay for 1 hour. Lastly, using a scrubbing pad, wipe clean your pan.

Clean Sneakers

To clean old sneakers, all you need is a bit of toothpaste and an old toothbrush. Keep in mind that you need to use non-gel white toothpaste because colored ones might stain your sneakers. Put some toothpaste to an old toothbrush and then scrub it into the dirty spots. Let it sit for around 10 minutes. Then, wipe the toothpaste off using a damp towel. If necessary, you can repeat the process.

The toothpaste’s ingredients might vary from one brand to another. Thus, before completely applying it, be sure that you try this technique on a tiny spot on your sneakers.

Permanent Marker

If you have written using a permanent marker on a whiteboard, all you have to do is just write over the permanent marker using a dry erase marker. Next, wipe away the marks using a dry cloth or eraser.

Stains from a Coffee Thermos

The best cleaner to use in removing stains from a coffee thermos is denture cleaner. For every 2 cups of hot water, dissolve 1 tablet of denture cleaner. Pour it in the thermos and let it stay for a few hours. Next, scrub off the stains using a brush.

Stubborn Command Hooks

First, using a hairdryer, you need to warm up the adhesive for around half a minute. Then, to cut gently through the adhesive strip, you can utilize a fishing line or dental floss.

Spilled Paint

Apply a few drops of denatured alcohol in the affected area. Then, scrub the paint away. Keep in mind that you should use a rag with the same color as your carpet.

Clean Spots That are Hard To Reach

To easily clean those hard-to-reach areas, you can use an old toothbrush.

Clean Off Sticker Residue

If you want to get rid of sticker residue, you can use cooking oil. Using a paper towel, you can dab any kind of cooking oil. Next, lay that towel over the sticker residue and let it stay for several minutes. Lastly, rub the sticker residue away using a clean towel.

Stuck Drawers

To prevent a sticky drawer, you can rub a block of Gulf Wax along the slides of the wooden drawer. It will lubricate the moving parts, making it run much more smoothly.

Clogged Sink

With a zip tie, cut a few amounts of notches on its end. This will hook the hair clog, enabling you to pull the clog out.

Removing Bug Splatters

You can use a can of cooking spray to get rid of hard-to-remove bug splatters. Spray it onto the bug and let it sit for several seconds. Next, to wipe the area clean, you can use a microfiber cloth. Lastly, wash the area using water and soap.

Retrieving Items Down the Drain

Attach a tiny magnet on the end of a string. You can also use a flexible rod. Lower the magnet and pull it back up slowly to retrieve the item.

Removing Super Glue

As fast as possible, soak the glue spot using warm soapy water. This will soften the glue. Using a nail polish remover that is acetone-based, rub the glue. This will turn the glue white and can be peeled off easily.

Removing Glue Squeeze-Out

Do not use a chisel to remove squeezed-out glue on your woodworking project. Simply use a drinking straw. It would conform to the corner’s shape and the leftover glue will be accumulated inside the straw.

Tennis Ball Bottle Opener

You can use the tennis ball’s rubbery interior to grip hard-to-open jar lids and twist-off bottle caps. Cut a tennis ball in half using a utility knife.

Steam for Day-to-Day Spills

Placing an oven-safe bowl or pot filled with water is a more natural and simple method for cleaning your oven. To loosen the grease and dirt, set your oven to 450 degrees for 1 hour. Wait for your oven to cool down and wipe the condensation off.

Fixing Wood Scratches

Rubbing a walnut over a wood scratch can help in sealing the scratches. After scrubbing the area with walnut several times, use a soft cloth to buff the area.

How to Get Dents Out of Wood

Using a damp washcloth, you can remove dents out of wood. Simply put the washcloth on the dented area. Next, place a hot iron on top of the washcloth. Make small circular movements until the washcloth is dry. This will help the wood absorb the water. Thus, expanding back and removing dents.

Cleaning a Cast Iron Skillet

It is ideal not to utilize soap to clean a skillet to avoid rust. Rather, after a meal, you can utilize 1 tbsp. of course salt to scrub the skillet. After scrubbing, wash the skillet using hot water. Don’t forget to throw away the dirty salt.

Drain Cleaner

Another way to remove hair clogs in your drain is to use a wire coat hanger.

Removing Hard-Water Buildup

A natural way to eliminate hard-water buildup is to cut a fresh lemon in half. Use your thumbs to open up gently the center of the lemon. Next, press it onto the faucet’s end. Wrap the lemon using a tiny plastic bag and secure it using a rubber band. Let it stay for several hours. You might need to utilize a gentle scrubbing pad to wash off the hard-water buildup.

Cleaning Upholstery

Sprinkle a few amounts of ordinary baking soda onto the upholstery and wait for around 30 minutes. This will help to get rid of the odors. After 30 minutes, use a handheld vacuum to remove the baking soda.

Extraction of Splinter

Apply a few amounts of wood glue over the splinter area. Wait for it to dry. Next, gently pull off the dried glue in the opposite direction of the splinter. This will also remove the splinter from your skin.